Why Conservatives should still NOT support Donald Trump

How on earth did we get to this point? Electing a man so controversial, so boisterous, so YUGGGEEE yet he still garnered enough support to win the Presidency. Forget the fact that he lost the popular vote (by about 1.5M votes). In the USA, the popular vote means as much as participation awards at youth sport tournaments. The electoral college is the law of the land in the USA and President Trump won it fair and square. He campaigned where it mattered and it paid off. He won states that Republicans hadn’t won in many elections and those happened to be the states where Hillary choked the hardest. This will not be an article where I cross reference similarities to Brexit and compare the rise of US Nationalism, it will be an article based on my observations of the campaign.

In a past article, I mentioned the reasons I would have voted for Trump. These are actually reasons that many people attribute to his victory but I called them out in this summer article:

  1. He’s opposed to TPP
  2. He’s self-funding his campaign
  3. He won’t start WW3
  4. He’s about fair immigration

I also mentioned the giant elephant in the room, which were his racist and sexist ‘tendencies’. Again these are habits that really cannot be proven but President Trump has some telling shows, some which deserve to be reprimanded. For example, let’s say I were a US army soldier who had died while protecting the USA, then I would take great offense to a future Presidential candidate assailing my parents with callous and incendiary remarks, regarding my personal religious views. I have family members who have served in the military, & I cannot imagine the pain of having someone make remarks like Trump made and that’s with all my family members surviving battle. Moments like these are magnify why respect is earnt and not bestowed on someone because of their office or title. I will respect you less when I see moments like how President Trump treated the Khan family. Note that also doesn’t mean I disrespect people I don’t know but in this example, showing prejudice against one person is equivalent to showing prejudice against the entire of humanity. In the region of the world where my family is from, an important life rule when dealing with people is: “Farkh nay karna” which translate to “Having no bias”. Having no bias means treating people equally and not favouring when making decisions between parties. This is a bedrock of our justice system and it is common sense attitude that I wouldn’t want to vote for someone who exhibits farkh. By creating divisions, Trump is isolating a select demographic and that is not the right way to deal with people. I’d venture to say 90% of Muslim immigrants come from the ME, Turkey, Pakistan & other countries where their citizens have limits on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the key to seeing extremism fall by the wayside, not disrespecting people. Disrespecting people makes ‘like people’ more isolated & less likely to interact with other groups of different people. I mentioned this in my last article as well, however it is worth saying a second time: Donald Trump needs to condemn racism in all its forms, not by just saying in a 60 minutes interview to “Stop it”. He needs to be more stern with those who perpetuate violence especially with the circles that he’s had support him. It’s not fair to me, as someone who’s ideologically similar to Trump in many ways, to have to deal with how he’s talked of minorities in the past.

Aside – Why is Western Democracy better than Islamic Nations

I will explain this with the idea of freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to not choose and the motivations behind it. The idea of safety of women is essential to discuss because there’s a difference between how women are kept safe in Western society and the ME and from a male perspective there’s freedom to choose to be a creep or not. In the ME, women are looked at to keep sexual energy down by dressing down. If a women dresses scanty then it’s assumed ‘she’s down’. In some countries, if a woman is sexually assaulted, the blame is placed on the woman rather than the group who assaulted her. This is a fundamental shift in how woman are treated overseas and here. From a female perspective, there’s a lot less freedom in choosing to how to act in the ME as compared to the West. In the West, that burden is placed moreso on men, in asking them not to act wild when a girl dresses however she pleases. This incentivizes men and women differently in both countries; there’s a greater percentage of men in the ME, who act humane towards women because of the punishments handed down by the criminal justice system in the ME. Take away the justice system punishment and there is nothing inherent in keeping some men from acting out of their element and fulfilling a sexual appetite. This is one of the reasons that Western Society trumps societies where punishment keeps you from acting out. Western Society realize the inherent evil in sexually assaulting someone by having men & women grow up as equals. No divisions are created so a higher percentage of men who grow up in the Western World don’t need the long arm of the law to keep civil. ME society requires that overarching justice system to keep itself civil. I refer to ME in this paragraph however I mean all societies where this kind of persecution happens.

— /Aside —

But now we flip to the other side of the coin and realize that his competition was not as formidable as polling companies said it was. I grow quite alarmed because Clinton had to have known that the Blue Wall (Great Lake States) were showing cracks. I hope she didn’t trust the polling companies, because Michigan was up by 5-7% in some state polls. As the establishment candidate, she could be counted on not to ruffle any feathers and she managed to outraise Trump 2 to 1 ($1B to $500M). She spent 30 some odd year building her reputation, but she came up short. The top reasons I would not have voted for Hillary:

  1. She got outworked by Trump
  2. She was successfully painted with the corruption brush
  3. She assumed she won

The Art of War says that getting the enemy to talk about you and not their own views is a sign of victory. By being able to take a hold of the conversation, you set up a false dichotomy in the eyes of the public because everyone is discussing your views and not necessarily the candidate’s views. Having your views being discussed lends credibility to them. How many times did we hear about the Wall, or how Hillary created ISIS or how NAFTA was the worst trade deal ever? The media did an excellent job of spreading Donald Trump’s message but it would not have happened had Trump not worked as hard as he did. He ensured everyone had an opinion and that surely motivated Trump’s base to act. Donald Trump did a great job courting and knowing his base. He held 3-4 rallies per day all across the ever so important swing states. I guess the fundraising gap wasn’t such a big advantage since Trump seemed to have outhustled & outplayed her in every aspect of running for President. For him, it was a full time job. He was selling out arenas and motivating his base to get out & vote. He was also subtly brainwashing them into believing whatever narrative he wanted to push. Note that this creates a dangerous precedent, which is for a considerable portion of the population to believe whatever its candidate says; since the media has lost its trust factor, if trump does act unethically, his base will just ignore those claims. Trump was very open to holding controversial viewpoints, chief amongst them being how he wanted to jail Hillary Clinton. You don’t just backtrack from “I will appoint a special prosecutor to send you to prison”, which he said during the second Nationally televised debate. This was a claim so impassioned in his followers that, during the victory party, pro-Trump supporters were actually chanting “lock her up” whenever video of her came on the screen. This election should have sent a message to politicians worldwide that incompetence or at least its perception, is not the paint that you want brushed with because it becomes hard to shake. People do not want to vote for someone they and others believe to be corrupt. Highlighting that was another key to the Trump victory.

I wonder how many Democrats (party represented by Hillary Clinton) the corruption association, stopped from voting. Hillary was able to get 6-8M less votes than Obama and that was the deciding factor. Early voting accounted for 1/3 of all votes cast, so the week that FBI director came out and reopened the investigation definitely cost her votes. Now was it enough to change the results the election? I would say so. The FBI had that investigation open for 9 days and I would imagine that stopped a lot of people from going to vote for Clinton. In one way, I’m glad that she lost. If a candidate even has the slightest chance of having a criminal investigation open up during the campaign the political party that picks her, should not pick her. There’s a thing called baggage and for people to just assume it wouldn’t have hurt her, that was the greatest mistake at all. During the Primary Season, when the Democrats had the choice between someone who championed progressive rights and values (Bernie Sanders) and someone who a real chance of a criminal investigation opening up, why would you pick the latter? I’ve also looked at data that really has not been shot down in terms of evidence for voter fraud in the democratic primaries. You reap what you sow, but the attitude that kept Hillary in it was that she had already believed she had won. She didn’t even campaign in Wisconsin and I don’t know how many times she visited Pennsylvania and Michigan in the final two weeks. She even rented a grand hall and had a victory party that was energized at 7 pm (before votes were counted). When people look back at this election they’ll agree that you do not count your chickens before they hatch. She took her eyes off the ball and because of that, it was the biggest turnover anyone could have imagined.

If Trump sucks, then America was conned. Trump’s tax plan will cost $1.5T over 10 years and definitively return the greatest investment to America’s richest 2%, which includes the Trump family. Trump’s tax plan is supposed to actually increase the rate of taxation for America’s poorest citizens from 10-12%. I don’t think he actually knows what he’s going to do for many policies. Even the economy? How do you repair the economy if you have an education system that’s in the type of state that the USA’s is presently in. Trump will and should also limit the influx of foreign knowledge capital coming into the USA. This is the H1-B program it’s been used and abused by some of Silicon Valley’s biggest and most profitable organizations. I’m afraid Trump will cut, cut, cut, just like Republicans before him and that some of those cuts will have a dramatic effect on its end users. Effects so dramatic that failure to adequately ensure that service cuts are not detrimental to the end user could see Democrats win the next two elections out of anger. Again the only way I know how to responsibly cut is through the implementation of a QMS system that gives key decision makers the flexibility and knowledge of their system, in order to make decisions tied directly to measured performance indicators. Another ineffective Trump policy move will be removing 2 pieces of legislation for every piece of legislation the house passes. This is something he can go to his base with and show how he’s making American government smaller when in actuality that kind of policy has been proven to be ineffective. How do you know the effects of legislation you’re removing? You cannot know this with an adequate QMS system.

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