What I was looking forward to last Wednesday [NBA]

I wrote this before the NBA season ended last Wednesday. It was directed at the Raptors NBA Lottery chances for this upcoming draft lotto. For those of you who don’t know, at the end of every NBA season, a lottery is held where the teams who didn’t make the playoffs, have a lottery (with the lotto balls and everything) to determine who picks first (then second, then third… etc) in the upcoming wave of new NBA players in the NBA Draft. Btw as an FYI, we’ll be picking 9th in the upcoming draft, however this is not common as the Raptors finished with one of the best records in the league (franchise best 55 wins!). The article expands on how we got this pick.

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Here’s what I’m hoping to go down on Wednesday night! So just like every other NBA fan knows, Wednesday is the last day in what has been another illustrious NBA season. A day where we’re likely to see the Golden State Warriors, set a single season record for wins and many other untold accolades. I know… sounds awesome… right?

But for a fan, whose team had their playoff ticket stamped a month ago, this day is like the overly climactic ending to a movie that should’ve finished an hour earlier, but whose sequel (being the NBA playoffs)? I cannot wait to watch. What makes this day a little bittersweet is this used to be the day (back when my Raptors sucked) where I finally knew how many ping pong balls my team would get for the upcoming draft lottery. I know, an even more useless fact that my curious mind looked forward to. A day where I could finally go and guess what young 20 something year old my Raptors would select, subsequently subjecting them to 3 years of torment before they flew the coup. Wash, rinse, repeat.

But those days? Now over. That is had it not been for Andrea Bargnani. Last year, we traded him to the New York Knickerbockers for a 1st round pick, in a deal that some may describe as totally forgettable.  Bargs was a TOTAL non factor in Toronto and many were probably surprised that we got an attractive asset back for him. Regardless, the years of wishing you’d develop a defensive backbone, all worth it because it pays off on Wednesday. After we made that Bargs deal with the Knicks, they made a deal with Denver and now, we get the worse of the Knicks and the Nuggets pick.

One of which could land between the 8th or the 11th pick depending on how the Knicks, Bucks, Nuggets & the Kings all do. We would get the 8th pick if the Knicks & Nuggets both lose with the Bucks & Kings winning. For the NBA lottery odds, you have better odds the worse you finish in the regular season. Right now all the teams I mentioned above have equivalent records. There’s an outside chance, if both the Nuggets & Knicks move up in the lottery, that we would get the 2nd pick but but that comes with less than a 1% chance of this happening. Regardless it’s a bigger chance than the Knicks have. In homage to Drea, Let me leave you with some highlights just because he’s awesome! Thank you NYC! https://i.imgur.com/hPtlTq6.gifhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/img.gawkerassets.com/img/1961rh2sp2xwmgif/original.gifhttps://zippy.gfycat.com/RectangularMindlessIndri.webm


Article was written by gtareguy (Greater Toronto area real Estate guy) . I release a new article every Friday and I write about economics, the nba and real estate in the GTA. 

Author: gtareguy

Real Estate Investor Raptors fan (don't cry for me this year) Mech Eng Graduate

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