Welcome to my Blog

Hello Everyone,

I have an Engineering Management Degree from McMaster University where I also minored in Economic Analysis during my undergrad. I’ve conquered a lot of challenges and accomplished a lot of goals during my first 27 years and one of my core beliefs is giving up on a dream is like admitting you didn’t work hard enough. I grew up in Hamilton, in a Sikh household with a very strong sense of family and community. Played Basketball and Hockey growing up. I still run, workout & play ball to stay fit. Outside of a year where I worked in Detroit, I’ve lived my entire life in the GTA, and am proud to call this region my home. Currently I’m a real estate investor with an eye for economics and will keep my blogs centred around real estate, economics (maybe cold showers) & basketball.

I’m going to try to use this blog and blog topics to help communicate my knowledge on a subject matter as well as just random thoughts on the market.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ll learn a thing or two.


Author: gtareguy

Real Estate Investor Raptors fan (don't cry for me this year) Mech Eng Graduate

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