Burlington Real Estate News – March 2016 [Real Estate]

Burlington Ontario Real Estate News – March 2016

Congratulations Burlington on defying the odds to see year-over-year house prices increase by an impressive 9.79% as of March 2016! Sales were strong and the average days on the market fell from 26 days in February 2016 to 23 in a month. This means there is more demand for houses in the area and since more homes were sold in Q1 of 2016 this means high house prices for all!

Figure 1 – TREB Home sales summary March 2013 (see link below and you can blow up the graph sizes at the imgur website)


The following chart and graph summarize some historical price increases:

Community Growth since March ’15 (%) HPI Values ($)
Alton Village 16.96 634,400
Rose 12.89 765,200
Tyandega 11.13 852,100
Shoreacres 7.16 613,400
LaSalle 10.01 711,400
Burlington 9.79 645,400

Data above is for Single Family homes

Taking a deeper dive into the data, in the link above http://imgur.com/a/Facoj, figures 2-7 highlight sales in the Burlington region broken down into detached, condo & freehold condo numbers.

From Figures 2-7, you can see the LaSalle, Roseland, Shoreacres & Alton Village were busy communities and key reasons why they are highlight communities in Burlington. Before we start highlighting them (in later blogs), we will go over some more community data for Burlington in Q3 & Q4 of 2015.

Within the incoming days I hope to come out with data like this for all regions which I currently specialize in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga & Brampton so people have a better idea how I determine how a property should be priced as well as other key attributes when purchasing a house.


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