4/2/16 Piston-Bulls game Analysis – Raptors POV [NBA]

Exhaustion. The only word to describe how Jimmy Butler must’ve felt after his Bulls lost, in their own little play-off do or die match to the Detroit Pistons. 28-17-12, Incredible statline. It was the first triple double of his career coming in the most important Bulls games of the year, great showing for the all-star guard. Also one of the most entertaining non-Steph-Curry games of the season; one that let viewers observe directly why he’s a top 3 SG in the NBA and arguably its best 2 way player (Kawhi Leonard territory).

Had the Bulls received a favourable call (at home btw) on a late game charge, who knows? Maybe Jimmy wouldn’t be ‘goin fishin’ so early. Let me paint a picture, with all the momentum after just having scored 7 straight points, originally down 9, in literally 4 NBA seconds, my money would’ve been on Jimmy to harness his inner Goku skills, had the Bulls gotten a pivotal foul call with only 40 seconds remaining in the game. After watching tonight’s game, Jimmy Buckets deserves a great team and I hope the Bulls trade him away to the contender. I don’t say that out of haste, but when on every play down the stretch, it’s literally just a continuous set of two man basketball between you and Pau Gasol, let’s just say it’s unfortunate that management couldn’t surround those two with more talent. Performing the way he did against a defence as staunch as Detroits makes his triple double even more incredible.

And finally this brings me to Welcome back Detroit Basketball! Congrats on making the playoffs and if you make it to the 7 seed, then my Raptors better foul Andre Drummond right into SVG’s bench. I don’t want to see him because then the defense legitimately becomes scary. KCP & crazy Morris twin are both really good defenders with long active arms. Reggie is quick and athletic able to handle his own against most guards and Andre? He just acts as a solid plan B for every failed steal attempt his guards try.

Regardless, when Fred Hoiberg went to hack a Shaq ‘Dre with 6:30 left, I thought “Welcome to the Playoffs ‘Dre”. If Detroit is just sticking it to the Raptors (in the potential first round matchup) and Dwane Casey doesn’t employ that strategy, I will be legitimately upset. Game 7, 2013 playoffs against Brooklyn, Casey kept throwing Terrence Ross out there against JJ and the Truth when we had James Johnson on the bench the entire game. I just hope Casey swallows his pride and sits Drummond. At least this might motivate Dre to finally ditch the traditional technique and adopt the Rick barry school of free throwing. I legit think that under handing is the only way for Dre to be a factor in the playoffs and this potential revelation makes a Toronto Detroit series even more enticing.

This year? I have faith in Dwane Casey and there’s no way Toronto gets swept this year. That opinion and all the confidence that brang with it would be shot in the dark, had Jimmy Butler and whatever is left of the Bulls came back from the grave tn. Then legitimately terrified. I sometimes feel bad saying this but he’s just better than DD. DD is okay, even some nights? Great, but gets shut down every time we face the Bulls. I’m not even a DD hater, he deserves the max contract he’s going to sign this offseason and I’m impressed by his growth since year one but this probably just more speaks to where Jimmy Buckets stands in the league.

Back to the Pistons, really didn’t expect you guys to make the playoffs, again congrats, hopefully you guys push your first round series to 6 games, and if you guys get the 8th seed, I hope you guys win so we can still eliminate you guys in the second round! Thank NBA playoff reseeding after each round for that certainty!


Author: gtareguy

Real Estate Investor Raptors fan (don't cry for me this year) Mech Eng Graduate

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